Winds of Change

A final choice has been made.

I will finish my bachelor’s degree studying IT in Texas rather than Science Journalism in Chicago.

I miss my old path already, but I am also excited by the prospects of the new one. And I certainly won’t stop writing my book about sustainability just because of this career change in directions.

A hard choice, but it seemed a necessary one.

I have spent years building ideas on how to re-shape the world, and ironically I have now let the world re-shape me. It was perhaps the immaturity of youth that enabled me to think I could “save the world” with sustainability when I wasn’t even yet sustaining myself. That was the essence of my decision – to move toward a more sustainable career.

—     —     —

Keep doing what you’ve always done and you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten, so the saying goes. With this change in school and career, such fundamental parts of my life, perhaps it is also now time for a change in attitude.

Perspective evolves effortlessly as one learns, but to change habits or attitudes, I think that is a very different thing and a task of greater seriousness. I am certainly capable of the successes I desire – I have no doubt of that. The trick is to truly apply myself, something I’ve never really needed to do to pass the tests set before me.

I must be better. All it will take is practice to improve, like everything else.

Get to it.


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