Being American

I am a deeply patriotic person, yet my feelings toward America consist of both intense pride and profound shame.

What a strange fate to have been born into this country – where we are at once a supreme example of both freedom and tyranny for the rest of the world.

We have accomplished so much; put a man on the moon, created automobiles, nuclear bombs and the internet, things that forever changed the world…

But our actions have also hurt so many; mass murdering civilians with weapons of all kinds, wide spread poverty through economic dominance of monopolies.

To truly understand what it means to be American, I think one has to understand our origins.

As I discussed in the previous post – it is a two sided coin. Not trusting the government is deeply American. Being your own government is also deeply American.

I feel responsible for addressing the problems of the world – as I enjoy such privileges that millions, maybe even billions do not. My state of affairs is far below the most extravagant luxuries of our elite, but far above many others.

How can I be deserving of such blessings? How can others be deserving of such curses?

I suppose nature is random, and that is the best I can explain it. Spare me that cop out “God works in mysterious ways” bullshit – I can at least admit I DON’T KNOW.

There may be concrete laws within which nature’s randomness can happen, but it is still dynamic none the less. Existence: a dance between order and chaos.

Seeing on the news that Syrians have tanks rolling into their towns just for publicly criticizing the government really puts our stupid debt ceiling bickering into a sobering new perspective. 1500 of their citizens have been killed since March for trying to exercise the freedom of speech we take for granted in America as our most basic right.

Our country pillaged a whole virgin continent, it’s no wonder we’re so powerful – what other nation in history had such opportunity? But look where’s it gotten us. We’re on the fast track to becoming the very evil we originally rebelled against in 1776.

I will not let that fate befall us if there is anything I can do about it. We don’t have to destroy ourselves or the world. Let us renew our status as a true world leader by spear-heading the new age of sustainability.


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