The Crime of Financial Independence

Odds are you probably have some debt. Good. That’s exactly what the capitalist banks and lenders want. If you’re not in their debt – they can’t charge you interest. If they can’t charge you interest – they can’t siphon a portion of your profits away from you and into their pockets. It is through your debt to them that they partially own your labor, and own you.

The banks, who recklessly gave out loans they knew were bad – who then crashed the economy by betting against those bad loans, and further robbed the tax payers of $1.2 trillion via the bail outs, peaking at that amount in December 2008 under George W. Bush. For $1.2 trillion in loans – America only profited by $13 billion – totally pathetic, arguably criminal and treasonous.

As the situation in Libya has unfolded over the past few months many allegations have been made about sinister ulterior motives on the part of Western governments. The most common accusation is that we’re there for the oil – but that is too simple, too obvious, and less malicious than what I would wager is the truth.

Libya had no loans under Gaddafi. A dictator though he was, Libya was able to survive independent of bail outs from the West under his rule. This was their ultimate crime.

It was the same crime countries in South America made that so offended the United States throughout much of the 20th century. Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala – America aided many military dictatorships who sought to overthrow successful social reform movements – movements that were allowing those countries to become financially independent and so profitable they posed the threat of competition to America. This couldn’t be allowed, so Columbia, for example, had its wheat industry destroyed – now replaced by growing drugs as their cash crop under the purview of criminal warlords.

Bolivia – where after decades of military dictatorships the people finally won their freedom – was ravaged by poverty from these struggles. The IMF and World Bank conspired to bail them out – at a price. The price was the privatization of most of the country’s water supply by private, foreign corporations – including Beltec of the US. The police enforced this harshly – even fining people who tried to collect rain water in buckets because according to the conditions of the loan, private powers now “owned” that rain. Obviously there were mass riots, the citizens rejected the idea of rain water as a privately own-able commodity. Yet this incident in the 1970s serves as an eternal testament to the dangerous arrogance of corporations and the elite capitalist banks.

Nations are not alone. It is in the interest of capitalists to keep every individual in their debt as well. So conditions of artificial scarcity are imposed. Capitalists horde unprecedented wealth, the masses suddenly find themselves jobless and struggling just to survive – in the perfect position to accept loans for say, education, to climb their way out of the muck the elite deliberately created for them.

Capitalists do not want a sustainable society. They want a society in their service. Implicit in their actions is the belief that corporations do not exist to serve people – rather that it is the purpose of citizens to serve corporations. Unaccountable private tyrannies who pollute the integrity of our political system with their money to undermine the will of the voting majority. Companies who pursue their self-interests only, while outsourcing the costs anywhere they can – to the citizens, to the environment, to 3rd world nations.

But the house of cards is collapsing out from under neath them. The masses are being bled dry, and with no life left to give there is no longer any wealth left for the elite to exploit and sustain themselves with. At the heart of this problem is unemployment – exactly what they want. What twisted irony – that the ultimate commodity – a job – should be to serve the very overlords who work toward our destruction.

But we do not need them, these capitalists. We can sustain ourselves without them – but they cannot do so without us, the people. It is high time we cast aside the shackles of their debt and reclaim what is rightfully ours – our country, our planet, and our freedom to choose our own future, rather than spend our lifetimes enslaved in labor to their elitist whims.

Progressive property taxes could finance investments in infrastructure that would create millions of jobs. Tough regulation of the finance markets to crack down on capitalist crime. Breaking up the “too-big-to-fail” banks and disempowering monopolies. These are achievable goals – like a tax credit for employee-owned corporations. And yet the corporate-owned media would have us believe they are beyond our reach, or that policies which benefit the many at the increased burden of the elite few are harmful to us all. Lies!

What’s best for the majority cannot be forcibly silenced forever, we will not and can not allow it.

Obama has been disappointing in that he doesn’t even deserve to be called a socialist. I wish he really was a market socialist, but I consider him a crony capitalist like other politicians – his appointment of a Monsanto lobbyist to the FDA is just one example. If Obama or CNN were even one tenth as liberal as I wanted them to be I would like them a lot more – but alas, the left is silenced – the example of Mondragon in Spain – successful free market socialism, goes un-talked about by those with power.


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