God Doesn’t Care About You

Let me begin by defining “God.” As I understand the concept: God is the laws of nature. The creation and evolution of the universe have all unfolded according to these unbreakable laws.

To quote a wise man who’s name I can’t recall, “You cannot break the laws of God, you can only break yourself against them.” In this sense we can view things like Gravity as a law of God – it doesn’t matter how you interpret it, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not, you are incapable of breaking that law and you will fall to your death if you jump off a tall building.

I do not imagine God as an entity with self-awareness or even any awareness – I see it as a disembodied and omni-present force, not a paternal all-knowing person in the sky. That lovey-dovey idea of God seems too feel-good to be realistic to me. On a similar note, I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell – I think people just want there to be both divine justice and eternal paradise, and that’s why they convince themselves they are real alternate dimensions despite there being zero verifiable evidence to support such whimsical tales.

Now, to my main point which is the headline of this article – God does not care about you.

So many people seem to have a self-centered view of God. I saw a man on the news whose home had been destroyed by a hurricane ask, “Why did you do this to me, God? I followed your word, why am I being punished?” As if his choice to live in an area that receives frequent hurricanes was blameless, but his actions somehow begat moral punishment from the man in the sky.

What this man failed to realize is that God does not care about him. Individuals are inconsequential to nature. Death is the great equalizer – how else could nature have made it more obvious that no individual is all-important? That we are all temporary.

The saying goes “God helps those who help themselves.” This isn’t an invisible, magic helping hand that rewards us for doing well – it is simply living life in accordance with the laws, because to do otherwise is a path of death and decay.

Do not expect God to solve any of your problems for you – because nature will not, though the random chance happenings of the world may sometimes work in your favor.

Do not interpret “God Does Not Care About You” to be a cynical displeasure with our creator, for in giving us the gift of life and the immense mystery and beauty of the universe, God has already provided us with all that we need. I am infinitely grateful to be alive. Yet the sun shines for us all and gives life to our planet regardless of how any humans behave (with the exception of activities destructive to nature – a weakened atmosphere might leave people more vulnerable to the sun’s negative effects for example).

Sin is not a moral concept but one of survival – by defiling nature, you undermine the source of life you depend on – that is to say, you are trying to live against the laws of God, in what is by definition an unnatural way of living.

Humans were born of nature and are sustained by nature. To wage hostilities against it is to be hostile to ourselves.

No one needs to worship God to live well. People just need to be aware of the laws and have the wisdom to look after their own well being. It is our duty to create value for ourselves, and others, in at least equal proportion to the value we consume. One must take responsibility for their own life to live sustainably.


4 responses to “God Doesn’t Care About You

  1. hm, we both know that we disagree on some fundamental issues of life.. that being said, I do have some questions about your train of thought:

    you said that God is not an entity with self awareness etc. and then you said that God gave us life. if God is just nature and its laws, how does it give anything? Gravity is only a force, it cannot give, it cannot receive

    I agree that the man from the news has a flawed view of God.. but unfortunately a common one. God (Yahweh, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, the One True God) does not hand out punishment for wrong doing.. I mean, biggest example is Job. Job was a man of God, loved Him well and he underwent some of the worst circumstances that could happen but God still loved him, God allows/gives hard thing because He loves us, because He doesnt want to leave us in our current sinful state. Our greatest good is to be more Christ-like. one way that happens is through hard times because our faith is stretched and grown.

    We do agree that we are all temporary and death IS the great equalizer. We are soo short lived! That is why considering Jesus and what the Bible says about life, death, Heaven, Hell, redemption is so important to do NOW. we are only here a short while.

    “God helps those who help themselves” is a trite saying that I am kinda tired of hearing.. where did that even come from? What does it mean? God is not someone who can be bought by good works. God is not someone who is governed by how much I help myself..

    Worshiping God is when I feel most alive. I cannot imagine going back to not worshiping..

    So I guess thats what I think Ryan 🙂 Thanks for asking me to read this, i wouldnt have found it on my own haha


  2. As far as the unconscious giving thing goes, I think you’re just hung up on semantics. The sun gives us energy – it’s clearly not self-aware.

    I wouldn’t want to take worship away from anyone who experiences it as a fulfilling spiritual activity – but for me it’s useless.

  3. Exactly how does one go about being hostile to nature? If we cannot break the laws of nature, how can we be hostile against them? I am not sure i quite understand that argument. If god is just a force that exists somewhere between the lines then the interpretation of the laws of nature must be up to the individual. If that is the case then how can one be hostile against nature?

    I generally agree that if there is such a thing as a good then it does not seem to care about individuals. Else we all would have seen the evidence along time ago. nice and interesting post.

  4. Thanks bboyredkid.

    In an all-encompassing sense – nature is invulnerable to humans I think.

    But clearly our micro environment is easily damaged by people.

    My intent was to argue this local destruction on a planetary scale is unsustainable for the continuation of human civilization – not that it represented a threat to nature itself (which, as you expressed, would be basically impossible).

    Further, the laws of nature can be tested and verified – so I’m skeptical about how open to interpretation they are. 🙂

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