Plan For Corruption

Fundamentally large institutions are never fully trustworthy. This can take the form of direct theft or indirect dishonesty, among other harmful activities including acts of violence.

Conservatives don’t trust the government or unions for this reason.

Liberals don’t trust big businesses or religions for this reason.

The design of our laws in America pre-supposes an ideal society. They are meant to act as prohibitory rules which when followed lead to prosperity. As we all know, humans do not innately like being told what to do, so it should come as no surprise that for the large part, these laws are ineffective at preventing crime.

We can assume naturally that not everyone is going to follow the rules, therefore we should take that fact of human nature into account when we are crafting new laws or investment decisions.

At the heart of the failure in our laws and economic policies is the false premise they are designed around – the idea that perfection is attainable. It is not. People are always going to cheat, they are always going to lie, they are always going to steal, they are always going to kill.

What our goals ought to be is to lessen the impact of those negative actions, to prevent them as much as possible (within reason with respect to liberty), and to make sure the criminals are always held accountable – especially for the most powerful criminals who commit crimes on the largest scale.

The great debate between Democrats and Republicans today is who is more deserving of our money – private businesses or the would-be public government. I contend that neither of these institutions is yet competent to receive the funds of our tax dollars until more sufficient legal framework is put into place to formalize the three goals I outlined in the previous paragraph.

As long as today’s level of corruption continues to exist, it’s not going to matter where we invest our money, because much of it will be wasted and the investment will be ineffectual. Corruption will always exist – but our ability to know that gives us the power to out-smart it.


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