The Strongest Discipline

Let’s be honest; the scientific method is just about the best idea anyone has ever come up with.

The bulk of all human knowledge, technology and understanding springs from it. Granted it is based on the concepts of logic, rationality and truth as established by the founding Greek philosophers Socrates, Aristotle and Plato.

Fundamentally science’s method of experimentation, evidence-based theories and the removal of old ideas with the discovery of new knowledge makes it superior to faith – a discipline that asks for belief in ideas without evidence, that ignores new discoveries which challenge old ideas, that places a higher value on tradition than on innovation.

Science has been re-writing religious superstitions from socially accepted beliefs to laughable fantasies for literally centuries now. This is not to say religions and faith do not have their place or that they are not valuable – indeed they have both purpose and value.

However faith depends on fallacies of human logic. It is based in hope, fear and other self-manifested falsehoods. Assumptions of causation from correlation, self-fufilling prophecies, the list goes on. The weaknesses of scriptures go beyond the fact that they become less relevant with time, it is in their interpretation that any idea assumed to be 100% true is twisted and used to justify the most wicked of acts no matter how noble its original intentions might have been.

It is indeed arrogant to imagine one can ever understand such a thing as God, as nature continually shows us that there is always more to learn, that mystery and uncertainty are permanent fixtures in our existence. To deny the unknown as a fact of life by presuming to have the answers we want is nothing short of heresy and delusion, it is insanity to pretend you know the unknowable – and that is exactly what faith does, it creates a false feeling of certainty, a closed-minded refusal to stare darkness in its face and acknowledge it for what it really is.

But many people cannot deal with not knowing. Their fear of the dark, the mystery, is so great that they are willing to believe ridiculous things in order to escape from it, in order to hear what they want to hear. Rather than reconcile with chaos, they project ideas of order, and the masses gather ritualistically to have their ideas affirmed, to collectively escape from the torturous unknown which could have provided them with their greatest ecstasy. All the while imaging they are pursuing a path which brings them closer to God, when in fact they have never been further away from Truth.

Whereas faith lacks knowledge, the arrogance of science lies in its lack of wisdom, in its absence of compassion (though even angels are said to have no sense of mercy). The cold detachment of nature does nothing to strengthen a community, and so religion and faith find their place and their value as tools by which the people are united. What a danger this tool can be when used to manipulate, to steer people in a false direction while motivating them to march ever faster and with ever more stubbornness toward the doom they expect to be their salvation.

Science admits it does not fully understand things, as can a person of faith – though the faithful are committed to presumptions of understanding they are often unwilling to challenge, and this is what dooms them to stagnation until they realize with great epiphany the darkness (mystery) was never something they needed to run from to begin with, for it is inescapable and surrounds us all, in its beauty, as one with the light.


(What an artsy rant this has been! I need to get back to work!)

Inevitably this was going to be temporary, as a first draft it was bound to be imperfect, but however foolish I may find these words in the future I enjoyed writing them now, as they sprang forth from my inner most being. These ideas only needed to be expressed – whether or not they are truly strong is something only time can reveal. As for posting them publicly on the internet – who knows how wise that is, I can’t really think of a good reason not to do it, I’m certainly not ashamed of them.


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