Rules of Law… (Sometimes)

Isn’t it interesting that Big Business, the institutional power-house second only to the government, does not have to follow the rules set by our Constitution within their own organizations?

Free speech? Well that’s clearly not allowed – any form of expression that makes the company look bad is censored whenever possible.

Freedom to organize? Not in Wisconsin anymore, collective bargaining for teacher unions has been largely outlawed. (Yes, universities are corporations too – they are Big Business just like Walmart or Monsanto) Historically unions have long been targeted for challenging the established powers.

Right to a trial? Innocent until proven guilty? Of course not – you can be fired for any reason, just because the top brass don’t like you. While unemployment is not as bad as jail time from the government, it IS the harshest punishment corporate powers can inflict, and there is no due process except in cases where previous lawsuits have helped establish minor protections – such as for discrimination.

Protection from search and seizure? Not on company property, no privacy for you.

Equal representation under the law? What a joke! Most employees have ZERO representation in upper management decisions. Those at the top will try to portray it as a meritocracy, which is occasionally true, but by and large it is an aristocratic power structure where money and connections rule, certainly NOT the will of the people (in this case, the employees).

And don’t forget – the profits you produce are taxed without your representation, to provide higher salaries for the elite (who, in fairness often make your job on the bottom possible in the first place and do deserve higher salaries perhaps half of the time).

Right to bear arms? Most people don’t want guns in the workplace, so this one in particular is not totally unreasonable.

My point with this post, essentially, is that you check a lot of your Constitutional rights at the door when you show up to work.


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