Measuring Value

I invest considerable time into developing various skills, but in most of them I don’t invest the serious lengths of time it would take to master them. There are only so many hours in a day.

How do you measure the value of a skill that you cannot [or do not yet, more accurately] profit from? A skill that gives unmeasurable rewards… how do you determine its value? If its value cannot be judged then this begs the question; is it worth investing time at all in a skill you aren’t serious enough about cultivating to produce verifiable rewards?

Enjoyment is a type of reward I guess, but you can’t pay the bills with happiness.

Until a given talent is made manifest through material results, others are certainly loathe to identify its value. Technically music can be enjoyed without producing monetary profit, but the act of playing good music still begets a reward from others. The act of practicing music does not, but it is a step toward being able to play well.

This topic deserves further pondering.

In the mean time, I’ve had good ideas for my book lately. Now the task is to mold them into workable scenes and write them out. Amazing how fast I could abandon my old plot, the product of a younger me, as insufficient and so immature as to warrant a complete re-beginning. Not the first time I’ve done that either, despite hundreds of pages written and dozens of hours collectively invested on old book plots. I’ll have to finish and publish a version one of these damn days, even if it doesn’t end up making any money – it still needs to be finished officially.


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