Occupy Wall Street

I am happy to see this protest movement taking place.

However I would point out that without simple, concrete demands that they can push forward through legislation, then all this spectacle could be for nothing.

It may be emotionally satisfying to go publicly disapprove of “the man” and declare your distaste for establishment capitalism – but an actionable issue is essential.

These largely young people are angry about the distribution of wealth in America – but what do they plan to do about it? Redistribute the wealth? (Granted this is already being done in our current system, but largely in reverse – with the earnings of the many poor lining the pockets of the few rich).

I believe the most effective possible line of attack would be to undermine the infrastructure of corruption that the capitalist elite’s profit-machine is built on. A grand gesture probably won’t happen here – 9/11 failed to make a solid dent after all, it has really only accelerated the policies it probably sought to destroy. Instead, the aristocracy of banks and capitalists must die a death of a thousand cuts.

It’s not enough to dislike capitalism – you have to offer people something better to replace it with.

Possibly a decentralized, free market socialism of worker/community-owned cooperative corporations. Democratize the economic institution and put it to a vote how the taxes we pay will be spent. Divide this money per capita among America. David Schweickart’s After Capitalism has some excellent ideas, and I’d highly suggest anyone who sympathizes with the Occupy Wall Street movement to read it immediately.


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