Right Wing Fallacies

To understand comments such as those of Mr. Herman Cain, who declared to the Occupy Wall Street protestors that if someone was jobless or was not rich, it was their own fault – we must analyze the framework of assumptions that right wing cultural logic is built on.

Here is a simple proof to demonstrate the thought process of the stereotypical right winger.

John has $100 million,
therefore we can assume John must have earned it honestly,
with no help from anyone else,
so he deserves all of it.

Because unethical (lazy, dishonest) people do not become successful according to right wing mythology,
hence it would be impossible for a criminal to become rich,
or for a rich person to be underserving of their wealth,
because their wealth itself is proof of their moral quality.
     Mitt Romney’s labeling of the Occupy Wall Street movement as “class warfare” is actually correct. The elite class of capitalists who compose the top 1% of the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans are indeed fighting against the interests of 99% of the American population. The important factor of these protests is that now the 99% are fighting back – and that really scares the 1%.
      And they should be afraid. Because their empire of unsustainable exploitation is crumbling beneath them, and the day will come when the highest profile financial criminals will be held accountable for their crimes, not with fines, but with jail time in federal prison.
      May the people’s democracy prevail.
        To be fair, there are decent people among the very top 1% – but the foul people in that group are so powerful that their foulness infects our very society, making them contagions that must be urgently dealt with by the white blood cell-like reaction of protestors who will gather round them as moths to a flame.
          As an extra note,
          Cain’s 999 plan still includes tax loopholes for “charity” which the Koch bros have used to funnel millions into their special interest PACs (single-handedly fueling the climate change-denier movement).
            So in reality his plan amounts to: Take an additional 9% of the income away from people earning under $30,000 a year (up to $2700), while asking the richest corporations to pay even less than the too-little amount they pay today.
              Privatize profits and socialize losses. That amounts to Fascism and it ignores the obvious class divisions of today’s society. It’s UnAmerican and treasonous.

              That type of BS is the reason our economy suffers. More of the same will just make things worse.

              We need change in a progressive direction. The direction Occupy Wall Street is advocating for.
                Cain only wants poor people held accountable for their mistakes – but the crimes of the rich business elite he would leave unpunished, because he probably considers it “just good business.”
                  As states continue to vie for the earliest GOP primary for the 2012 election, it has become increasingly obvious that the earliest states have the most money spent in them. This is what our elections have been reduced to. They are no longer about representing the public, but have become a contest for investments and money, a competition for profit – a business.

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