Improving Capitalism

There are over 14 million unemployed Americans competing for some 100,000 new jobs created every month, and I am expected to believe “laziness” is the problem? Nonsense! People want to work, but our investment infrastructure is failing to create jobs – it is instead sendings the bulk of its money toward outrageously high profits for the financial elite, whose contribution to the overall economy is questionable at best.
    We are assured they work hard for that money and that they have earned it, that they deserve it – is that really the case? I doubt it. That money could be creating jobs through investments in small businesses, but instead it is used to create enormously destructive bubbles that only benefit an elite few.
      We have systematic sustainability issues economically, environmentally and politically.
      We need immediate and major infrastructural reforms at the most basic, foundational levels with regard to these three institutions.
        At the heart of this decay is a capitalism that has run amok, a wild mustang that carried civilization far down the road of progress, but is now bucking, trying to throw us off.
        The tools that once kept the beast in check, strong regulations, have been whittled away by the elite who stood to benefit most from the collective ruin of society through exploitation, theft and slavery.
          I will not tolerate America becoming an aristocracy.
          I will not tolerate an America ruled by big business at the expense of the people.
          I am not content to let a tiny minority of ultra-wealthy investors determine the future of our whole nation, who will direct its development only toward preserving their own self-interested luxury, no matter the cost to millions of their fellow citizens.
            It is my mission to make this country prosperous again, to permanently and irrevocably remove the elite class of capitalists from power, who have so arrogantly presumed to be able to buy our government away from us.
            Might does not make right, the consent of the governed is not for sale, an election one can buy is not the election of a legitimate government, but the puppet show of a tyranny.
            I will do everything in my power to help to lead the world into a new age of sustainability.
              We do not need to start from scratch and throw out our current foundation. The Constitution has many wise laws, Capitalism has many efficient forms. But the origins of neither one were prepared for today’s realities, and they must be adapted to keep pace with the world.
                Do not be so foolish as to imagine our way of doing things is the best possible way. If you look at other systems around the world – such as Economic Democracy – you begin to find unconventional styles can indeed sometimes produce even greater value than our system does. Our “infallible” system, that is so exalted by the tiny group of powerful people whom it has served so well, is not the only option and we can and must improve upon it.
                  The masses shall not be fooled forever, the information age hastens the death of the old regime.
                    Reforms of the investment infrastructure at the heart of capitalism are on their way. Are you ready Wall Street? Are you ready, Federal Reserve? It’s time we change the game.

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