Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest are easy to recognize! The former leader of a company should Never be in charge of regulating that company or its industry.

Nor should any congressional worker be allowed to get lobbyist or “consulting” jobs, or vice versa.

Aristocrats arrogantly presume to privatize our government – arguably that’s treason.

A regulator’s job is to protect the people, not to maximize business profits. How can we trust someone so close to a large corporation (the type where regulation is most important) to be loyal to the American people and not their former company, for their own personal profit? The easy answer is – we can’t trust that, at least I can’t anyway.


On a slight tangent, let’s talk about Obama’s healthcare law.

Conservatives are all worked up about the government forcing them to buy something (already happens with car insurance).

The way I see it, we can either have the government squeeze us for more money, or have the market do it. Since the private sector is not accountable to the public the way the government is supposed to be, I’d rather have Uncle Sam handle my healthcare.

Hospitals don’t turn dying, uninsured people away when they show up at the emergency room. So either everyone has to buy health insurance to help cover those costs or the free market screws all the people who Do pay their bills by endlessly raising their fees.

Putting a for-profit middle man corporation between you and your care provider does not necessarily make it more efficient, but it does make it much more expensive.

A single-payer system, which was a key factor in making “Obamacare” affordable, was a feature removed by the wealthy insurance lobby. The ability to negotiate on drug prices, also a major detail in keeping “Obamacare” affordable, was removed by the wealthy pharmaceutical lobby.

For all their differences, Democrats and Republicans are really the same party. The money party. For that reason I’m happy to see people in the streets, giving the aristocracy some pressure and ultimately, some competition.


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