Lately there has been a “Climate-gate” 2.0 circulating around the right wing news outlets. Global warming is a myth! The scientists faked their data to scam the tax payers for money! So the narrative goes…

Given the billions America spends on private defense contractor companies – is it so unreasonable to apply the same argument to national security? Might that also be a scam for money where “threats” are faked data to use fear to con tax payers into giving up more of their money? It seems more than possible, it almost surely happens somewhere.

The trouble with lessaiz-faire capitalism is that it is prone to wild excesses. Seeking ever-greater profits, businesses work relentlessly to increase demand for their products – if that must include dishonest methods, so be it. After all, “greed is good” according to Lessaiz-Faire Capitalism. Billions are poured into advertising propaganda, over-production, and mass-distribution systems to create new markets for the over-produced products.

These excesses create all kinds of harmful externalities. They are bad for the environment, they are bad for the common worker/citizen small business owner.

Hence whenever you hear the word “Security” used you should keep in mind exactly what the government really wants to secure – the profits of large corporations.

Similarly, the war on drugs has nothing to do with crime or morality. It is all about securing profits – preventing competition in the pharma and tobacco markets. It is the perfect excuse to militarize the police and expand the power of the state to enforce perverted laws written by elite business interests apathetic to the welfare of the public.

Perhaps the most vulnerable aspect of the corporate-state establishment is its computer system. Information is power – it enables blackmail, it can transform public opinion. For all the advances in modern weaponry, a humble hacker in his basement can still be more dangerous to all the entrenched powers of the world than any predator drone. Today is truly a golden age to join the information security industry.

Groups like Anonymous have the potential to affect historic influence. We shall see how wisely or effectively those info security experts use their skills to foment political change. Personally, I am excited to see how these matters will develop in the years to come.

No amount of pepper spray or other methods of “pain compliance” will succeed in modifying the behavior of dissident political radicals so long as the state remains corrupt. If anything, the use of force to attempt to suppress anti-establishment rhetoric will only encourage and escalate rebellious actions.


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