Ye Olde Middle Ages 2011

Know the past, know the present, and you can know some of the future.

I have come to view lifetime minimum wage workers as today’s peasants. They are effectively serfs. Unskilled labor will always be paid as little as employers can get away with.

The lords of today, and I’ve made this point before, are the big wig land/property owners.

Perhaps it is natural society be divided into classes of varying wealth – after all, people are certainly not all equal in regard to their talents or work ethic.

It may be unfair that some are born to every advantage while others enter life into poverty – but fairness is a distinctly human idea that we wish to impose on a nature that is not and has never been fair.

Nature can be understood with only a few basic observable concepts and patterns.

Diversity. Competition. Change. Balance. Interconnectedness. Cycles. Infinite Unknowns. Sustainability.

This is a tangent, but notice fairness is not among the Natural Laws except within the societies of man.

Look on the bright side people – serfs today live better than they Ever have in all of human history! (Of course, so do the Lords and Pharaohs).

Revolutions happen to remove the ruling class from power when it becomes excessively corrupt – too heartless and apathetic to the suffering of the masses. It is natural a hard worker should not want to share his wealth with one who refuses to work – yet giving to charity is also natural, a testament to human compassion.

In the nuclear era, imperialism does not invade territory or conquer people directly with huge land armies as was once done. Nation against nation is bound to end in catastrophe with today’s technology. Thus war has become decentralized and indirect – fought against terrorists or through economic or cyber warfare channels.

The old adage remains true in the face of modern inequality and class divisions – the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The exception to this rule is going to have to be frontier consumerism – by which I mean unsustainable treatment of the environment under imagined pretenses of limitless resources and no consequences to planetary degradation.

It will be very interesting to see how things evolve in the coming decades. Natural resources are ever diminishing while the demand for them is ever increasing due to unchecked population growth. China and India are ahead of the rest of the world in that they will have to deal with these issues first.

I predict sustainability revolutions are already brewing from within the dominant nations globally. The time may soon be upon us for a new age to begin -but beyond the necessity of a change to sustainability, I cannot say what the character of the new world will be.

Hopefully we can finally make royalty and fascism obsolete!

Why does any of this matter? Simple – If you are aware of what the future will likely hold, you can prepare for it. If you ignore the signs, it’s only a matter of time before chaos catches you by surprise.


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