Bare Bones

Premise: The dominant global economic system (laissez-faire Capitalism) is not sustainable.

Argument: Immediate infrastructural reforms are necessary to correct this problem. Failure to do so will ensure the continued decay of society [the middle class in particular] and the environmental resources it depends on.

Conclusion: A) Sustainability is achieved, prosperity returns. B) The status quo goes unchanged, chaos and ruin inevitable by the very nature of globalized laissez-faire Capitalism escalate and accelerate.

What kind of infrastructure reforms?

Regulation of speculative finance, and of conflicts of interest between lobbyists, corporations and Congress. Including the over turning of Citizen’s United and an end to unlimited, anonymous campaign finance.

Elimination of wasteful spending in the military industrial complex, agri-business and fossil fuel subsidies.

More democratic representation for the public in the nation’s largest investment decisions (including dealings on Wall Street).

A more progressive tax code, especially with regard to social security (i.e., raising the cap on income which is taxed for SS and evening out the benefits dispersed – changes of this nature can make the program viable for several more decades).

Opportunity for experimental initiatives to be increased, possibly subsidized – ranging from new methods of education and research and development to new business models like employee-owned corporations.

All of these suggestions are intended to deal with current problems, to prevent their recurrence in the future, and to promote sustainability and prosperity for all of society.


2 responses to “Bare Bones

  1. do not forget government sponsored higher education or better affordability of education. When universities becomes companies and have to think to much about profit, knowledge is lost.

  2. I agree.

    To be fair though, universities pay teachers to teach knowledge that doesn’t always translate into useful skills for the job market.

    Is that really something tax payers should subsidize?

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