Our Two Parties

Republicans and Democrats represent two immortal characteristics of the human psyche.

Republicans are the party of Competition. Every man or state for himself, may the strongest take all and the weakest get nothing, since the weak have failed in the competition.

Democrats are the party of Cooperation. We are all one nation, one community. The strongest have a moral responsibility to help the weakest.

Implicit in Republican ideology is the individual is responsible for his or her own fate. If they are rich or poor – they deserve full credit or blame. This ignores external circumstances like inheritance, cultural prejudice, etc…

Implicit in Democratic ideology is that competing factions are willing to compromise. In order to prevent war, each side has to give up something the other wants in return for getting something they want.

Political elections are competitions, but passing laws is more efficient through compromise – as the Tea Party has shown us, competitively opposing anything Obama tries to do, even if it is something they had previously asked for, they don’t want to let him score any victories.

The competitive nature of Republicans makes them better politicians. They are masters at spinning the issues and re-framing the debate to suite their own terms. Their goal is to take and keep power – even if they must resort to lying or sabotage to win.

The cooperative nature of Democrats makes them better governors. They actually accomplish legislative progress, while Republicans try to regress and undo most laws Democrats pass. Democrats are weak to the tyranny of the majority – where the ideological desires of the public for equality impose regulations on businesses that can make the realities of business much more difficult.

Both parties suffer from putting ideology ahead of reality. They interpret evidence to support their own causes and de-legitimize evidence contrary to their goals.


2 responses to “Our Two Parties

  1. Yeah, I may work on it more soon.

    I just wanted to post my epiphany of observation, I haven’t yet drawn any conclusion about which one is superior – they both have merit.

    Today’s Republicans are too radical for my taste, but today’s Democrats are not radical enough for my tastes either haha.

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