Strength and Wisdom

It has always been my desire to become a wise man, ever since I was a child.

As I have grown however, it’s become obvious to me that wisdom is not enough by itself – strength is also necessary. Both exist only in action.

In days past – it seemed unnecessary I compete. I did not pick fights with others, thus others did not pick fights with me. Despite a natural love of competition, even skill for it – dominance or accomplishment were rarely required for my happiness.

I sought to free myself from attachments. Friends, cities, women – I have known many and all have been temporary. I saw attachments as the causes of conflict and suffering – and by contradiction the sources of purpose. There is at least one value to which I am attached, that is integral to my being: sustainability.

It is not just for myself that I must now become strong – but for my family, for my country, for my planet. I have been selfish and lazy – behavior that cannot endure.

Strength has become my new focus. Having endeavored already to sufficiently understand the world with much success – mastering my Self ought to be no more difficult. Time is running out. Today my training begins.


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