Go Forth and Dominate

There are a lot of fools out there. The world is full of them.

On the surface they are useful cooperators in some grand plan, whichever you prefer really. In reality this is the mechanism of their domination.

However altruistic you may be, you cannot save foolish people from themselves. A selfish, manipulative person will inevitably exploit them for personal gain – gain sometimes far beyond what honorable people earn legitimately.

Where is the incentive to be an honorable man when dishonor is rewarded? When illegitimate gains can be used for bribery to avoid punishment?

It comes down to a choice between honor and victory. Honor may be its own reward – but at a certain point people get tired of losing. They become more willing to sacrifice their honor for victory.

True victory can be attained honorably, but this is the world’s most difficult path. Perhaps it is even impossible.

History remembers the leaders who made hard choices and got results, their integrity is left to become mythological in its perfection [however untrue to life the story may be].

The end justifies the means. That is the world we live in. Dog eat dog. Man versus man.

Even right now – your government is dominating you, and aristocrats are dominating it. Are you going to continue to be their slave? Or will you make yourself a master, and tolerate their bullshit no more?


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